The 1st Annual GANYC Apple Awards Ceremony

GANYC'S first ever awards ceremony, the 1st Annual Apple Awards took place last night at the Leonard Nimoy Bar Thalia on the Upper West Side to a capacity crowd. Emcees were the co-hosts of the off-Broadway show "How 2 B A New Yorker" Kevin Doyle and Olivia Petzy.  The co-hosts were funny, sharp-witted and killed elicting many laughs from the audience.   They performed many bits and kept everyone entertained throughout.   Certainly Mr. Doyle knows a few things about tour guides because he is one himself.  

There were nine categories each with multiple nominees for the best in culture and tourism.  What really made the whole show special was that nobody seemed to be at loss for words, both presenters and winners.  After all the Tour Guides talk for a living although not necessarily on an elevated proscenium stage.  

President Matthew Baker addressed the audience midway through the show to remember those New Yorkers whom we lost over the past calendar year including Tour Guides.   It was a rather maudlin affair I'm sure as many people in the audience were moved.  

The winners gave some excellent speeches including Tour Guide Justin Ferate who all but said the Apple Award was the best award he's ever won.   Professor William Helmreich admitted he didn't know much about the life of a tour guide, that is until he actually took the exam to become one and now gives tours legally.  

The widow of the man who was friends with the late Leonard Nimoy spoke, Ethel Sheffer.  She gave a warm rememberance and explained her late husbands relationship to the Hollywood star and told the story of how the theater was named.  

The Bowery Boys, Tom Myers and Greg Young, spoke on just how much their show has grown in seven years of producing the podcast that won for Outstanding Achievement in Radio Program/Podcast.  

GANYC's coming out party couldn't have gone better.  Kudos to the Awards Committee by GANYC members Sal Balbi (chair) and Amada Anderson, Matthew Baker, Adrienne Cooper, Ibrahima Diallo, Bob Gelber, Lee Gelber and Riley Kellogg. 

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What did you think of the 1st Annual GANYC Apple Awards?  What did you like?  What did you not like?  Tell us here.