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My family and I have been native New Yorkers for generations.  New York is my playground.  I love to experience its venues.  What increases our enjoyment and appreciation is when we are in the company of those who are out to have fun while sharing each others energy.

My varied background has given me the gift of:  Being able to make the complex simple;  Integrating venue's recourses;  Provide a deeper understanding and perspective of how the parts fit and  have influenced making New York different and so vibrant; Empowering you to have some confidence in your ability to navigate and persue your intrests the New York area independent of the guided tour.

You are our honored guest in this wonderful city.  Welcome.   

Special Tours:

Chelsea is less than a five minute subway ride from the Times Square Area. It is a bit off the beaten path. Probably because it's more challenging to map out an efficient way to maximize your experience. This is an area rich in venues, history, and plays an important role in the development and vibrancy of the city. I will provide an itinerary consistent with your interests, priorities, and time. We have a vast pallet of items that can include:; almost 400 artist studios galleries and museums.; some major parks and fine architecture; Numerable places to eat including one in the Hudson River and several in an indoor market brimming with stores -- some containing many nearly impossible to find items. The tour will provide you with a deep appreciation for this neighborhood with information that will be more impactful than just reading a book. Get to know Chelsea. You'll be glad you did.




Call for availability. " Meet & Greet" is for Manhattan piers only.

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