Erika Chamberlin


Hello et Bonjour! A born and bred New Yorker I love this city and love sharing it from an insiders perspective. New York is so muh more than how much some billonaire paid for an apartment! The real story and heart of this town is the enslaved people, working people,artists entrepreneurs, social climbers, philanthropists, politicians, seaman and architects who made this vibrant place what it is. We are talking 400 years of history at least. I am a brand new tour guide whose strengths are public speaking, performance and my ability to walk this town. French is my first language that I still speak today which is a great asset. My family roots in NYC extend to Harlem where my great grandfather, grandparents and mother lived. My arts performance took shape in the East Village. Cultural playgrounds are The Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, Broadway, Riverside Park. There isn't a neighborhood I can think of that I don't have a memory attached to. Currently working for Unlimited Biking in Central Park!


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Bicycle Tours Central Park