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NY See Tours is a NY City tour agency that has been joyfully conducting guided tours since 2010. NY See is a trusted and well-reviewed tour agency providing unforgettable NY experiences for groups, individuals, couples, families, and friends.

Fred Pflantzer, the proprietor of NY See Tours, is a rare breed, a native New Yorker. Born on the lower East side of Manhattan, Fred has never lost his passion for all things New York, his charming NYC accent, or sense of humor.

We aim to share our love and excitement for this beautiful city we call home.

Special Tours:

Central Park is the focus of my tours. Come with us on a private or public tour of New York's first public greenspace. Be amazed by the off-the-beaten-path places that one can easily visit.

Within the confines of Central Park are hidden areas not often visited by locals or out-of-towners. The North Wood of the Park abounds with waterfalls, ravines, deeply wooded arbors, a world-renowned bird sanctuary, a willow-shaded loch, and three formal gardens. On foot, through dappled lanes, with bird calls echoing in your ears, you will discover Northern Central Park, an unexplored and lightly traveled revelation to New Yorkers and visitors alike.

On a custom-made private tour, you will see the Park with fresh eyes. A private guided tour is the most exciting way to experience the Park. Lose yourself for four hours in Central Park. You'll forget that you are in the middle of one of the densest urban environments on Earth.

Within the confines of the Park are bird sanctuaries, scenic overlooks, and outcroppings of billion-year-old rock, all woven seamlessly and artfully into the landscape. The Ramble, North Woods, Lilac Walk, Seneca Village, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary, and Dene Slope are unique places to experience.

NY See Tours is one of the most experienced and well-reviewed Dyker Heights Christmas tour organizations. This year the Dyker Heights Christmas Tour 2022 will operate from Friday, November 25th, through December 30th. You’ll spend a delightful hour marveling at the world-famous Dyker Heights Christmas Lights. In the shadow of the statue of Horace Greeley in Herald Square, you’ll meet your guide and be checked in for your exciting and illuminating bus journey through the streets of Manhattan to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn!

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