GANYC begins new blog and podcast

The Guides Association of New York City kicked off 2015 with not only a great January Meeting at Theater 80 but also with the birth of a new blog and a new podcast entitled “Destination New York.” 

The podcast will be co-hosted by three of GANYC’s active members Aaron Tabackman, Amada Anderson and Stanley O’Connor, all members of the Public Relations Committee.  It will seek to explore the world of tour guiding but also the history, culture and politics of the Big Apple all in a fun and funny sort of way. 

The first podcast was recorded in January at the Players’ Club in Gramercy.  The first guest was the President of GANYC, Matthew Baker. 

Matthew Baker, now in his second year as the president of GANYC, sat down for a full-ranging interview introducing the organization to listeners and how he came to live in New York City and how he became a tour guide.  The wide-ranging discussion can be listened to on or subscribing to iTunes. 

“Destination New York” is the brainchild of Web and P.R. Committee Member Aaron Tabackman and Stanley O'Connor and plans to record monthly with possibility of more frequent podcasts.  This is the beauty of the medium.  There are no rules as to length or frequency of recordings.  Stay tuned.