Mitch Paluszek


I am honored to be a Secretary on the Board of GANYC. I recently retired as an attorney after 37+ years of proud NYC service in several City agencies. And with all that jumping around, I really learned how this amazing City works, from the transportation and transit networks to the INCREDIBLE water supply system. And, my favorite, the NYS civil service system. (Hey, I’m a geek.)

I’ve been a licensed NYC Tour Guide since, I think, 1991, and, since birth, have been the go-to guy when family and friends come to NYC. And while I can’t say I’ve walked on every street in the City, I can say that I’ve walked in every neighborhood (Tottenville to Baychester; Douglas Manor to Coney Island; Rockaway to Riverdale). All that walking has helped me earn my street-cred as a total NYC Trivia Nerd, as evidenced by a respectable amount of NYC trivia contest wins. (There would have been more, if quibbling was allowed.) (Oh, and that Jeopardy! win…) It also helped me get the best retirement part-time gig as a tour guide (a/k/a Tour Ambassador) atop the World Trade Center. I mean, How Great is That!

Oh, and I’m a Met Fan, and a BIG Gilbert & Sullivan fan! And I live in Queens with my partner of 40 years. And two cats.

Again, I’m proud to serve GANYC as Secretary.


Manhattan College, B.A. (in Government and Urban Affairs)

Brooklyn Law School, J.D.

City College of New York; Credits towards B.Arch.

Personal Interests:

New York City

Gilbert and Sullivan



Services Offered:

Tour Guide