Spotlight on Industry Partner: MOXI

Introducing GANYC industry partner -- Andy Dalton, of MOXI



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What year did your business open?

We launched our mobile app in early 2020.

What drove you to work or create this company/organization?

MOXI's CEO & Founder, Evelyne Kanakis, has worked as both a full-time professional and as a freelancer during her tenure as a user experience designer. It became clear to her that there was a significant gap in the market. There are the really robust accounting software tools that are most often too complex for freelancers. There are traditional banking applications that are well-suited for personal financial management, but not for running your own business. And there are payment solutions like Venmo, but they don't have many (or any) other helpful features. This realization led her to Harvard Business School, where she studied the growing Gig Economy in great detail and launched MOXI. Our mission is to be a financial solution that freelancers actually need.

Can you tell us a little about your ideal customer?

MOXI's ideal customer is a freelancer, solo-preneur, or independent worker who either runs their own business full-time or does gig work on the side.Examples include graphic designers, copyeditors, people who work on film/television crews .... and tour guides! These people are responsible for running their own business, including the management of their finances. They need a tool that helps them invoice their clients, manage their expenses, and all of that other "fun" stuff. That's where we come in.

What is the most gratifying part of your work?

There are really two things that come to mind. First and foremost, we love to help people. We know dealing with finances is flat out challenging and, quite frankly, boring. Being able to offload some of that stress from our users is deeply gratifying. Second, we love to learn about the different type of work that all of our users do. We want to uplift and highlight the work of our users as much as we can!

Has your company or organization been featured in print, broadcast (tv or radio) or online media?

We love to work with our partners to create content (often in the form of tips/advice) that is helpful and informative for their members. Here are some examples - &

Any fun stories or favorite moments you can share about why you love working at your business?

There have been plenty of late nights, last minute fire-drills, and all of those "fun" things for us since we started MOXI. I don't know if there's any one particular item that stands out, but I do want to spend just a bit of time articulating why you should give us a look. We're a small team and are committed to making MOXI the best for our community. We want your feedback. We value what's important to you. If we're not serving you, we're not doing our job. So, please, give us a look and let us know what you think. We're here for all of it.

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