Tour Your Own City Wins Tenacity in Travel 2020 Award!

Groups Today, the community for group travel professionals, has published its Readers’ Choice Awards for Tenacity in Travel 2020. GANYC is proud to announce that we are among the recipients. Guides Association Vice President Michael Morgenthal was honored for spearheading our Tour Your Own City initiative. We launched this project as part of our ongoing efforts to be at the forefront of the recovery of New York City's tourism industry over this coming year.

The text reads:

Seeing the Big Apple and Supporting Small Businesses
Guides Association of New York City

Since the COVID-19 pandemic halted tourists from coming to New York City and taking tours, Michael Morgenthal, Vice President and Chair of the Industry Relations Committee, Guides Association of New York City, developed a program to allow tour guides to promote the town.

Through the portal, which lists some of the best tours in NYC, New York-area residents could easily find fun and informative tours to take and rediscover their own city.

By booking tours, groups are able get out and explore the Big Apple while also supporting small New York businesses—the tour operators, tour guides, and all the small businesses they regularly visit on tours—that took a direct hit as a result of COVID-19.

With travel likely being one of the last sectors of the economy to fully bounce back, Guides Association of New York City knew that area residents taking tours would be a lifeline for the thousands of working tour guides in NYC and the other small businesses they patronize.


Thank you to all who have supported Tour Your Own City, and please let all your friends & family know about it!